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Wide Selection of Quality Windows Styles

For everything from new construction to remodeling/replacements to commercial to historic renovations, Matus Windows offers a full range of options & provides the highest standards & service. Out team of experienced sales, design, installation & service professionals will be there every step of the process to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Beautiful views

Your home says a lot about you. It reflects your sense of style, personality, and even your approach to life. You just can't put anything in a well-designed home. At Matus Windows we offer a wide selection of quality windows to showcase your individual designs and complement your home.

Made for you

Windows can open up a room dramatically, simply by pulling in needed light or adding a sense of breathing space. By properly combining and positioning various window products, you can create an impression of additional height or space without actually adding square footage. Windows can also be decorative, designed and assembled to act primarily as pieces of art. Or they can be a piece of history, tackling that remodeling project you've always dreamed of.

Marvin lets you design your dreams by offering personalized solutions to reflect you. Whether it is the type of glass, wood, shape, size, or color, with Marvin, every window is truly made for you.

Historic renovation

Marvin is the premier leader in historic renovation. Since all Marvin windows are made-to-order, historic specifications and profiles can be matched to ensure a perfect fit. Marvin's innovative design and build techniques help manage costs while preserving architectural character and aesthetic beauty. When crafting historic windows, only the highest quality materials are used which are subject to the most rigorous standards. It is the perfect blend of craftsmanship and creativity that will bring history back to life.

Commercial projects

Every commercial project presents a unique set of challenges and complexities. But some requirements remain consistent no matter what or where you are building. Marvin will bring distinctive custom capabilities, personalized service, and a solutions-driven approach to new construction or remodeling projects. An impressive record of meeting the challenges and demands of architecture and construction professionals makes Marvin a leader in commercial projects.

For additional information about Marvin windows, visit their official website: Marvin Windows

Enjoy the view

You want beautiful, quality windows for your home. You also want carefree materials that will last and are recommended and used by experienced professionals. Backed by a company you can trust, Integrity from Marvin can fulfill your vision for your home.

The Ultrex Difference

Integrity windows should be considered for any new construction project. All window types are available in many standard sizes with a choice of five exterior finishes. Integrity windows are able to offer both performance and beauty because of a revolutionary material created to be virtually impervious to the ravages of time, heat, cold, and pressure. It's a pultruded fiberglass called Ultrex, and more than ten years ago it was developed by Marvin for the exteriors and structural backbones of windows and doors. Combining Ultrex with classic wood interiors, Integrity windows are low-maintenance and long-lasting.

Ultrex along with a high-performance acrylic coating make it resistant to cracks, scratches, and dents. Unlike roll-form aluminum which can be dented by hailstones or an errant baseball, Ultrex stands up to everyday challenges and maintains a flawless appearance for years. Integrity windows are built to do more than look beautiful. They are built to perform.

For additional information about Integrity windows, visit their official website: Integrity Windows

Provia builds windows the professional way

ProVia has developed a competitive position by catering to a niche market that demands a high degree of customization coupled with superior quality. You will find attention to detail is what our customers have come to appreciate and expect from us. We’re building your windows and our company to last a lifetime … that’s The Professional Way.

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